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An ABC for SVG

Twenty-six ways to experience the best of St Vincent and the Grenadines — in alphabetical order Originally published by:Caribbean Beat. “An ABC for SVG.” Caribbean Beat, November/December 2019, Issue 160, pp. 88-96

Day trip with Captain Marvin!

Our morning started early with a cab ride with our trusted cab driver Big Noch (taxi #56) to a dock on the other end of the island. This drive still takes our breath away every time. The views are just stunning, and it is an entirely different perspective than from being out on the water. […]

A cat named Ray?

One of our favorite spots to visit when in George Town is a short boat ride across Elizabeth Harbour to Chat’n Chill. Almost daily, our kids ask to feed the stingrays at Chat’n Chill. Here we can enjoy a sundowner and feed the rays with some squid that we purchased at the local market. The […]

An afternoon at the bar……

We took a cooler full of snacks and drinks and headed to one of our favorite spots, the sandbar. After a short boat ride, we spend the afternoon enjoying the shallow, warm waters looking for starfish, sand dollars, and having chicken fights. It’s the perfect spot for lounging lazily, free of any worries. This time […]

Renting a boat from….Jordan

This year we decided to rent a boat for our week-long adventure in the Exumas. Last year the house we rented came with an 18’ boat with a canopy top and its own list of issues…. From not starting, engine trim not working (stuck up out of the water), to having to get the boat […]

Our Last Day in St. Vincent – Exploring


Philip at Barefoot was kind enough to let us take out a dingy for a couple of hours and explore the nearby beaches, islands and an old forgotten resort. It was just a short dingy ride over to Fort Duvernette, which is only accessible by boat — perched atop a large volcanic rock over 190ft […]

Day 3 in St. Vincent – Best Chart Briefing Ever

Just as we did the day before, we started out with the same breakfast we had the day before. It was that good! The view is impressive as well! We had been invited to listen in on a chart briefing that Philip would be giving to some charter guests getting ready to depart. We, of […]

Day 2 in St. Vincent – Meeting Another Unicorn!

Since we arrived the night before, we didn’t get to see the incredible views that were just yards away from us. We both woke up early with the sunrise in anticipation of what the views would be outside of our window. We started our day out with a fabulous breakfast at the restaurant and a […]