Sonder – Seawind 1260

Sonder is all about exciting sailing with a healthy serving of comfort added to the mix. Equipped with a generator, air conditioning and even a flatscreen tv she sure to keep everyone very comfortable and happy while also delivering some extremely exciting sailing.

The screecher sail really brings this yacht to life at deeper wind angles when most cruising cats are beginning feel sticky and slow. Seawind’s range of cruising catamarans are designed by Australians and built to withstand the riggers of oceanic sailing. A decisive choice was made early, by Seawind, to put sailing performance ahead of pure volume, which is not the case of many modern catamaran designers. By having the main beds above the bridge deck rather than in the hull, allows for narrower hull design which cut more efficiently through the water resulting in more speed on every point of sail. The benefits of this are that you get to your destination faster while having more fun.

It really is all about the journey on this beautiful sailing catamaran. Sonder has a twin helm design. Simply sit on the side of the cockpit and have a clear view of the mainsail and enjoy the pure joy of our warm Tradewinds on your face. Change your seating position and enjoy the protection of the hard top with its panoramic windows, which gives you complete visibility and protection in any brief showers or unrivaled protection from the Caribbean sun when needed. The added flexibility gained from the ability to steer from either side of the boat also allows you to properly see and trim your sails by connecting you to the elements.

The Grenadines offer some of the most exciting sailing conditions in the world and the Sonder is designed specifically to handle the toughest of offshore conditions. All Seawind Yachts are engineered to “category A offshore”, a comforting thing for demanding offshore sailors as well as costal cruisers and charterers.

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