Renting a boat from….Jordan

This year we decided to rent a boat for our week-long adventure in the Exumas. Last year the house we rented came with an 18’ boat with a canopy top and its own list of issues…. From not starting, engine trim not working (stuck up out of the water), to having to get the boat on plane while removing the plug in the back to drain the water so we didn’t sink. As you can imagine, this made for quite an adventure. Having the kids on board with us, this was not the ideal setup

Luckily we found a boat rental business in George Town that offers a few different options. We had looked at renting from Minns, however all their boats would need to be returned at the end of every day and we would not be able to keep them at the dock at our house. We would have to figure out how to get back and forth to their marina every morning and evening. Since we didn’t rent a car while in George Town, the boat becomes our primary source of transportation.

Much to our surprise, the owner’s name is Jordan. So there we are with Jordan renting a boat from Jordan. To add more interesting facts, Exuma Boat Rental’s Jordan is actually from Jordan. So, Jordan renting a boat from Jordan, who is from Jordan – Hat trick! Jordan was an absolute pleasure to work with. He brought the boat right to our rental house, walked us through everything about it, and explained his rental agreement. We walked around the boat looking for any pre-existing damage and were on our way.

On day two of our rental, we did have a fuel pump go out that left us stranded floating in the bay for a bit, however Jordan was quick to react. We were towed back to the February Point marina and got another boat. He handled the situation quickly and with sincere apologies. The replacement boat was excellent and actually had a slightly larger engine than the original. We were able to explore all of the small islands around George Town, visit the sandbars, and transportation to and from town for whatever we needed. We would definitely rent from Jordan again! Great experience.

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8 thoughts on “Renting a boat from….Jordan

  1. Dubrovnik island boat tours says:

    It is good that you truly enjoy your boat trip in Jordan and I think that a good experience is more important than the quality of boat you exploring on. Thank you very much for keeping us updated with useful information and honest reviews on trips.

      • Heather Page says:


        I found your email through tripadvisor. Could you tell me what small boats (for 3 people) you have available on May 26, 27, 28 or 29? We are interested in booking a small boat to take over to chat n chill and lightly explore for 1 or 2 days during our stay. Any information you have would be great.



  2. Active Mljet says:

    I didn’t know that Jordan is such a nice place to have boat tours. I am really amazed by its beauty and water bodies which seems like perfect for boat travels. I will make sure to put Jordan on my travel bucket list. Thank you.

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