Our Last Day in St. Vincent – Exploring

Philip at Barefoot was kind enough to let us take out a dingy for a couple of hours and explore the nearby beaches, islands and an old forgotten resort.

It was just a short dingy ride over to Fort Duvernette, which is only accessible by boat — perched atop a large volcanic rock over 190ft above Calliaqua Bay and Indian Bay. Built in the 1790s to protect the colonial hub of Calliaqua where sugar was loaded onto ships bound for English ports. This is also where the French launched their invasion of St. Vincent in 1783.  The views from the hike up the 225 steps in the spiral staircase were amazing with a breathtaking view from the very top.  We, of course, did not have any shoes on and would highly recommend having at least flip flops for any future visitors as the volcanic rock is on the stairs and become uncomfortable.

We then made our way over to the beach by the abandoned resort across the bay from Barefoot. Here we explored the grounds around the resort and looked through some of the window and door openings.   There were areas of broken glass, and we chose not to take the risk.   We really need to throw flip flops in our bag next time….  

We took a slow dingy ride around the bay looking at all of the different catamarans and monohulls.    We found ourselves talking about how nice it will be to have Sonder there with us and all of the exploring we will be doing. 

Sadly…. It was time to leave St. Vincent.  Time to start our journey back home, but we knew we would be back soon.  Back with Sonder!

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