Day 3 in St. Vincent – Best Chart Briefing Ever

Just as we did the day before, we started out with the same breakfast we had the day before. It was that good! The view is impressive as well!

We had been invited to listen in on a chart briefing that Philip would be giving to some charter guests getting ready to depart. We, of course, had never been through one of these briefings and jumped on the opportunity. This would give us a good insight as to what our guests would be experiencing and get to see the knowledge transfer that is given to them about the islands and cruising areas.

Philip gave a very in-depth chart briefing having a vast knowledge of the islands since he grew up here. From recommending where to sail, where to eat, when to anchor vs. mooring, who has the best beach-side music to the best-baked bread and pastries. Philip knew it all! He gave suggestions on entering certain areas with forecasted wind conditions and even must-see spots, complete with the best anchoring for each location. Although it took a while, the charter guests said it was the best briefing that had ever had throughout all of their charter experiences. Just another level of comfort for us and knowing that Sonder was going to be in good hands.

That afternoon we had the opportunity to talk with some other charter guests on their experience with Barefoot as well as one of the sailing instructors. We heard so many wonderful things about this group.

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