Day 2 in St. Vincent – Meeting Another Unicorn!

Since we arrived the night before, we didn’t get to see the incredible views that were just yards away from us. We both woke up early with the sunrise in anticipation of what the views would be outside of our window.

We started our day out with a fabulous breakfast at the restaurant and a big welcome hug from Philip. The entire group at Barefoot made us feel welcome, at home and treated us like family.

After breakfast and getting a little email out of the way for work, we met with Philip and got a tour of the entire operation. Barefoot is staffed to take care of all aspects of managing yachts as a charter business. From accounting/billing services, sail repair, engine repair, laundry, turn around services… and the list goes one. We had the opportunity to meet with individuals from each department and enjoyed hearing their journey to Barefoot. Many of them being with Barefoot for years.

In the afternoon, we received a special visitor. Marissa (Philip’s wife) stopped by with their baby son Ocean. Of course as a Momma, I thought he was absolutely adorable. We were on the dock looking at a couple of the catamarans that were getting prepared to go out on charter when Ocean’s little sun hat fell off….. Oh my goodness!!! “He is a ginger too,” I said. Then I noticed his blue eyes and realized there is another unicorn like me in the world. Look out world – we are pretty amazing!

We spent time talking with Marissa and Philip about our journey finding Sonder so far and about our plans. They took so much interest in our story and were excited to potentially be a part of it. Truly one of the sweetest couples we have met.

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