Our Journey to Barefoot Yacht Charters

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

It became time for us to decide on where we would be calling home for Sonder for the next 4 or 5 years. We had several conversations over the phone with Philip from Barefoot and felt that we needed to visit them in person to see the organization in action.

This meant that we would need to act quickly and with a fast-approaching vacation with the kids and other scheduling conflicts, we were going to have to go within two weeks. We had to work swiftly on travel arrangements with little wiggle room in scheduling.

After much research, we realized that there are direct flights to and from Miami on Saturdays. However, we would not have the luxury of spending a full week this time. We needed to shift our schedule to try to accommodate one of the direct flights. Either at the beginning or the end of the trip. Looking at our calendar and other commitments, we decided it would be the end of the trip. We were able to manipulate some flights to get us there at a reasonable rate, except that meant three flights and another country. We flew to Miami with a 4-hour layover there, to jump on a plane to Barbados before the last flight to St. Vincent. It made for a long day, but it was fun to step foot on two new islands in one day and loved the interesting conversations with those we met at the airports.

Upon our arrival in St. Vincent, we were greeted by the taxi driver that Barefoot had arranged for us. After a short 15 minute ride, we had arrived. We were thirsty and hungry and pleased to find the bar and restaurant at Barefoot was still open even though it was approximately 10pm. They ladies there were amazing, and we enjoyed a delicious snack of Jerk Chicken Pizza. A couple of rum punches later we were settling into our room for a much needed good night’s sleep.

Barefoot Yacht Charters

Tel: +1-784-456-9526
or: +1-784-456-9334
Fax: +1-784-456-9238

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